April 18, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Jewish Gathering
About 200 members of the Chittenden County Jewish community gathered Wednesday evening to express support for the Israeli government’s military actions in response to terrorist attacks. Speakers called upon Jews to set aside political disagreements and speak out against what they see as a rising tide of anti-Semitism. (VPR)

Nuclear Power Plant
The company that wants to buy the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant has agreed not to lay off any unionized workers over the next several years. Utilities involved in the sale also agreed to release some of the previously confidential documents in the case. (VPR)

Medicaid Changes
After more than five hours of debate, the Vermont House Wednesday gave its preliminary approval to a Medicaid reform bill. The vote on the bill was 80 to 64. During its debate, the House rejected a plan to restore some budget cuts by raising the cigarette tax by 67 cents. (VPR)

Northern Forest Research
The University of Vermont’s School of Natural Resources has received a one million dollar appropriation for research in the 26-million acre Northern Forest. The research will focus on forest management and land stewardship in the Northern Forest, an area that stretches from eastern Maine through New Hampshire and Vermont to northern New York. (VPR)

New England Patriots
Several thousand Vermonters jammed the steps of the Statehouse Wednesday to celebrate the Super Bowl victory of the New England Patriots. (VPR)

Cigarettes at North Beach
Saint Michael’s College senior has been working with a group of high school students to demonstrate that cigarettes aren’t just bad for your health, they’re also bad for the environment. (VPR)

Springfield Recreation Center
A group of Springfield residents wants voters to choose between five proposals for a new town recreational center. Money for the project came from the state in exchange for hosting the state’s newest prison. (AP)

School Choice
The House has approved a bill that would let students of any age transfer to any school. The Senate is unlikely to consider it before the Legislature adjourns. (AP)

Woodstock Jail
The old Woodstock jail will close without ceremony, after a planned observance was cancelled. Some Legislators objected to spending money to hold a celebration of the event. (AP)

In-State Long Distance
Verizon Communications has won the right to offer Vermonters long-distance service, starting later this month. (AP)

Escaped Prisoner
Convicted bank robber Ronald Foley, who was caught in Connecticut after robbing a bank there, has pleaded innocent to escaping from Vermont. (AP)

Medals of Valor
A Senate panel led by Pat Leahy is expected to authorize Presidential Medals of Valor for the public safety officers killed on September 11. (AP)

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