April 17, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Racine on Yankee
Lieutenant Governor Doug Racine says he has yet to be convinced that it is a good idea to sell the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant to an out of state energy company.

School Choice
The Vermont House last night gave its preliminary approval to school choice legislation. After more than three hours of debate, the House supported the plan by a vote of 69 to 64. (VPR)

Interview with Tom Debevoise
Under the provisions of a bill given preliminary approval by the Vermont House Tuesday, a student could move to any school in Vermont and his or her state education money would transfer as well. (VPR)

Dairy Bill
Negotiations are under way in Congress on a subsidy program to help dairy farmers in Vermont and around the country. The subsidy plan is meant to replace the Northeast Dairy Compact that expired last fall. But not everyone is satisfied with the concessions made in the negotiations. (VPR)

Seniors Protest Medicaid Cuts
Several hundred older Vermonters came to the Statehouse on Tuesday to urge lawmakers not to make cuts in the state’s pharmaceutical assistance program. They called on the Legislature to increase the state cigarette tax by at least 67 cents as a way to finance their plan. (VPR)

Medical Practice Board
The Vermont House on Tuesday afternoon gave its approval to legislation that makes major changes in the way that doctors are regulated in the state. (VPR)

Home Schooling
Home schoolers are expected to turn out in force for a public hearing tonight. (AP)

Heating Costs
A state survey finds that Vermonters spent about 30% less for heat this winter than was the case the year before. (AP)

Yucca Mountain
A coalition of organizations opposed to the shipment of nuclear waste is taking its lobbying efforts to Vermont’s airwaves. (AP)

Warm Weather
Yesterday’s temperature were a record high for the day in Burlington. (AP)

Senator Jim Jeffords and colleagues are pushing new funding for early childhood education and daycare. (AP)

Final Vote on School Choice Today
A final vote is expected today on a bill in the House that would make school choice more available, over the objections of smaller school districts. (AP)

Vermont’s unemployment rate rose .4% last month. The increase is blamed on early layoffs in the ski industry after a disappointing winter season. (AP)

Rutland Jail Lawsuit
The Rutland Jail has settled a class action lawsuit brought by inmates who complained about having to sleep on the floor of the gym, due to overcrowding. (AP)

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