April 15, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Auditor’s Report
Republicans are crying foul over a state audit that says Vermont Treasurer James Douglas has failed to balance the state’s books on time. They say the report is politically motivated, since Douglas is now running for governor. But Auditor Elizabeth Ready, a Democrat, says the same criticism was contained in three previous reports. (VPR)

Kinsey Will Run as a Democrat
Robert Kinsey of Craftsbury served in the Vermont House for 30 years. A lifelong Republican, Kinsey lost his seat in the last election because of opposition to his vote in favor of civil unions. (VPR)

USDA Sheep Settlement
The Warren family whose sheep were seized and destroyed by the federal government were paid for their loss this week. But their lawyer says the government has so far failed to prove that the animals were infected with mad cow disease. (VPR)

Medical Malpractice Bill
The Vermont House gave its strong approval Friday to legislation that is designed to make doctors more accountable to the public. (VPR)

State, Diocese Disagree Disclosure
The Burlington Diocese attorney says the diocese is giving the state information that is pertinent to cases that could still be prosecuted under the law. But the Vermont attorney general has said he’s disappointed that the church is not providing more information about sexual abuse allegations. (VPR)

Bioterrorism Bill
The Vermont Senate has strongly approved legislation that makes it a crime to use weapons of mass destruction in an act of terrorism in the state. (VPR)

Prison Furlough
Vermont’s prison furlough program is under review after a man was caught in a new crime for the third time while on furlough. The number of furloughs has doubled in the past year to 800 released prisoners. (AP)

NH Senate Race
In New Hampshire, Senate hopeful John Sununu may be winning friends among Washington Republicans, but incumbent Bob Smith has been strong fundraising. (AP)

Weekend Rain
Two people were rescued from a car in the flood-swollen White River over the weekend. Several central Vermont towns picked up more than three inches of rain. (AP)

Police Shooting
State police shot a man in Pittsford yesterday after he advanced on them with a rifle. He’s in critical condition, and an investigation is ongoing. (AP)

Canadian Used Cars
New England car dealers say the good times are over for their cheap purchases of used cars in Canada. New England used car dealers have been able to resell Canadian-bought cars at a hefty profit in the U.S. Too many dealers from farther away are driving up the prices, they say. (AP)

UVM 4-20
University of Vermont is hoping that alternative entertainments will take the allure out of the school’s traditional pot smoke-in on April 20. Few students think the event will be dampened by official disapproval. (AP)

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