April 10, 2002 – News at a Glance

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MAU Wrestler
Steve Delaney interviews Rick Pembroke, Chairman of the Mount Anthony Union School District. Pembroke responds to the official report on a dangerous high school wrestling match. (Listen to the interview online.) (VPR)

Abenaki Federal Status
Supporters of an effort to have the federal government grant the Abenaki formal status as an Indian tribe say the protection of civil rights for the Abenaki is the chief reason they’re seeking federal recognition. (VPR)

Burlington Diocese
The number of sexual abuse allegations against Catholic priests in Vermont continues to climb, according to Attorney General William Sorrell. Sorrell expects the church to provide him with all the information it has on sexual misconduct by priests at a meeting later this week. (VPR)

Stormwater Bill
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says a Vermont bill that is supposed to add clarity to the water pollution permit process will instead cause confusion and delay. The EPA’s comments came in response to stormwater legislation that has passed the House and is now pending in the Senate. (VPR)

Legislative leaders say they must have an agreement on a new House reapportionment plan by this Friday if lawmakers want to adjourn by the second week of May. If the House and Senate cannot agree on a new proposal, it’s likely that the issue will have to be resolved by the courts. (VPR)

Balanced State Accounts
State Treasurer James Douglas, a Republican candidate for governor, accuses Democratic Auditor Elizabeth Ready of political motivations when she criticizes him for not balancing the state’s accounts. (AP)

Economic Climate
A new survey taken by a Boston-based institute says Vermont has the fifth most favorable economic climate in the country. Other New England states also scored high. (AP)

Property Settlement
A jury will decide the level of damages the state must pay a Ludlow man. The property owner lost access to his road when a ski resort built a cross-country trail across it. (AP)

Report on MAU Wrestler
The Vermont Principals’ Association has stripped a Bennington wrestler of his state championship. The Mt. Anthony Union High School student used an illegal choke-hold during the championship match, rendering his opponent unconscious. (AP)

Pittsford Post Office
The Vermont Environmental Board will allow a group of Pittsford residents to appeal a decision to build a new Post Office away from the village center. (AP)

Federal Death Penalty
Senator Pat Leahy is seeking a reform of the death penalty in the U.S. He notes that 100 death row inmates have now been exonerated of the charges they were convicted on, largely by DNA evidence. (AP)

FBI Scrutiny
Senator Pat Leahy’s effort to get the FBI to tighten its internal security is paying off, according to a survey of the results of staff testing at the agency. (AP)

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