April 1, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Blue Cross/Blue Shield
The non-profit Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Vermont wants to create a for-profit subsidiary that can sell stock. The proposal has triggered a debate about whether Blue Cross/Blue Shield will abandon its longtime role as a health insurance safety net for all Vermonters. (VPR)

Angell, Priests Reflect on Scandal
In his Easter homily, Vermont Bishop Kenneth Angell addressed the sexual abuse scandal that has gripped the Catholic Church. The Bishop apologized for the conduct of some priests and asked Catholics not to despair. (VPR)

House Passes Budget
The House on Friday afternoon gave its final approval to next year’s budget bill. House members easily defeated several efforts to restore funds for several programs. (VPR)

Drug Treatment Programs
Recovering substance abusers and their advocates came to the Statehouse today to urge lawmakers to create more treatment and recovery programs for addicts. (VPR)

Church Abuse Scandal
Bishop Kenneth Angell says the Church will survive the current priest abuse scandal. That was his Easter homily delivered to parishes over the weekend. (AP)

Winooski School Board
A court has ordered a new Winooski School Board election for April 23. A judge found discrepancies in the Town Meeting Day results for a disputed seat on the Board. (AP)

Income Tax Changes
The Senate Finance Committee looks at changes to the state income tax law this week. The changes are necessary in response to federal tax rate changes. (AP)

Rental Property Tax Evasion
Forty St. Albans residents facing evictions because their landlord didn’t pay the mortgage, are getting some help from a public interest attorney. (AP)

Sanders on Federal Budget
Representative Bernie Sanders will be in Montpelier today discussing child care issues. Sanders says that the Bush budget on that subject is “disastrous.” (AP)

Ethan Allen Movie
A movie about Ethan Allen is being shot not in Vermont, but in Canada and Slovakia. The location decision will keep costs down. (AP)

Barre Auditorium
The Barre Municipal Auditorium’s roof may be a moneymaker for the town if it acquires more cell-phone antennas. One has already been permitted. (AP)

Bicycling Commuters
Burlington city planners are trying to make it easier for commuters to use bikes rather than cars by creating a commuter bike network. (AP)

Trooper Retires
A Vermont state police trooper who was the first ever shot in the line of duty is retiring. The incident took place 25 years ago, his first year on the force. He killed the shooter after being critically injured by shotgun pellets. (AP)

Brandon Swimming Pool
A church in Brandon is using money from the income its gets by housing a cell phone antenna in its bell tower, to contribute to the cost of a town swimming pool. (AP)

Grocery Protest
Protestors at a Shaw’s in Montpelier over the weekend were campaigning for the store to assure customers that it has no genetically engineered food on its shelves. (AP)

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