AP-Yahoo Poll: Nation has its fill of Iowa-NH first

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All eyes may be on Iowa and New Hampshire, but many of them are rolling.

With the Iowa caucuses tomorrow and the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, a year of media attention is reaching its crescendo. And voters in other states are saying enough is enough.

According to a national survey conducted for The Associated Press and Yahoo News, just over half of all voters said New Hampshire and Iowa have too much influence over who wins the nominations. Fewer than one in five voters said they favor the current system that allows Iowa and New Hampshire to hold the first contests, while nearly 80 percent would rather see other states get their chance at the front of the line.

Unsurprisingly, every one of the 21 Iowans who participated in the survey think their state and New Hampshire have just the right amount of influence over the presidential selection process. Not so in New Hampshire.

There, two of the five participants said the two states don’t have enough power.

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