And You Think Shoveling Your Own Driveway Is Tough

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(Host) VPR’s Nina Keck introduces us to a Rutland man who has to get to work even earlier when there’s snow in the forecast.  And he doesn’t drive a plow.

(Keck)  Ever notice that even when there’s a lot of snow, the colorful pickups, sport coupes and SUVs lined up in car dealerships still manage to look good in their parking lots?

(Reynolds) "I’m Kevin Reynolds. I’m the lot manager here at Shearer Honda."

(Keck) Kevin Reynolds assures me there’s no snow elf that magically clears off all those cars.

(Reynolds) "The snow elf would be me at probably 4:30 in the morning, coming in and, most times I come in and clear out a good spot of the lot so employees can come in. Then grab all the keys and key ‘em all up. And then start them all up and let ‘em warm up and defrost and brush ‘em off as gently as possible. And move ‘em slowly one side of the lot to the other until we get the lot cleared and hopefully find a home for the snow." 

(Keck) "How many cars are on this particular lot?"

(Reynolds) "Ahhh, I think between 100 and 200 usually."

(Keck) "How long does it take you?"

(Reynolds) "Most of the day actually, just to clear out the cars and move them from one side to the other."

(Keck) "What’s the hardest part?"

(Reynolds)  "Ahhhhh probably lining them up again. ‘Cuz after we move them out of the way, we plow underneath them and then we bring the cars back to where they are supposed to be parked. And then we have to line ‘em up by the fronts of them. And lining them up is usually what takes the longest."

(Keck)   Reynolds isn’t complaining. He’s happy to have a job. But man, he says, with an almost painful smile, there’s been a lot of snow. 

(Reynolds) "Oh no, it’s mind boggling sometimes when you wake up and realize there’s a storm and you have to wake up and get at it."

(Keck) And you thought shoveling your driveway was tough. 

For VPR news, I’m Nina Keck in Rutland.

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