Agriculture Agency adopts a new mascot

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(Host) Vermont’s dairy industry has launched a marketing campaign that will be familiar to anyone who’s gone to a Vermont Frost Heaves basketball game.

The state Agriculture Agency has adopted a mascot similar to Bump the Moose, which performs at Frost Heaves games.

Kelly Loftus of the Agriculture Agency says the dairy mascot is seven feet tall and wears a large cow head.

(Loftus) "It’s open to interpretation whether it’s a Holstein or a Guernsey or a Jersey. It’s white with brownish-red spots. It wears overalls and has some flowers to adorn its outfit.”

(Host) A professional actor will wear the costume and will perform in parades and at festivals.

Loftus says the mascot should be fun, but it’s also intended to serious.

(Loftus) "The purpose behind it was to make especially kids but adults, as well, more connected or get more interest in the dairy industry. So people understand the importance of the dairy industry to our state and to their own health in terms of incorporating three servings of dairy a day and it’s also a way to get people to think about the economic impact of dairy in our state, as well.”

(Host) What the new mascot doesn’t have is a name. The Agriculture Agency is running a contest through the end of June to choose one. The nominations are Buttercup, Daisy and Clover.

AP Photo/Toby Talbot

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