Aggressive driving crackdown takes hold

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(Host) A Vermont State Police crackdown on aggressive driving on Interstate 89 already has resulted in a slew of tickets.

Captain Dan Troidl says troopers are strictly enforcing the speed limit because there have been so many accidents during bad weather.

(Troidl) “One of the most dangerous things we’re dealing with right now is being up on that interstate, particularly when the weather turns bad and the road conditions worsen. We’ve been very lucky with the cars that have been hit, a couple of them have been hit with nobody in them. … And the ones where they were in the car luckily they escaped with minor injuries.”

(Host) He’s referring to state police cruisers. Five have been hit this winter, even though they had their emergency lights on to assist someone who had already gone off the road.

So late last week state police launched an aggressive enforcement campaign on I-89 in Chittenden and Washington counties.

Just on Sunday, troopers wrote more than 100 speeding tickets, and issued 50 written warnings. They also made several more arrests for driving while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license, and careless and negligent operation.

State police say they expect the campaign to continue throughout the winter.

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