Advocates say Dean should meet with gay Vermonters

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(Host) The monthly newspaper “Out in the Mountains” wants Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean to come back to Vermont to meet with gays and lesbians. In an editorial in this month’s issue, the newspaper says Dean has been using civil unions to promote his candidacy, but he has never established a strong connection with gays and lesbians in his home state.

“Out in the Mountains” editor Euan Bear says Dean has never scheduled an appearance at any large gay gathering in Vermont. Bear says it’s time for Dean to recognize the help he’s gotten from the Vermont gay and lesbian community. She says that help brought him key financial support in the early stages of the campaign.

(Bear) “I think he should come home and say thank you. I think he should acknowledge it was our work that got him started, and to a large extent our money, our fundraising that got him started. You ought to, at some point at least, talk to the group that took you to the dance. Whether you keep dancing with them or not that’s something else, but you ought to at least make a conversation once in a while.”

(Host) The paper says a meeting now would assure Vermonters that their issues won’t be sacrificed in the future.

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