Advocate Says Youth Sports Coaches Should be Certified

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(Host) Community youth sports organizations should require all of their coaches to take certification courses before allowing these individuals to participate in any local programs.

Speaking Tuesday night on VPR’s Switchboard program, Engh said many of the current problems involving the highly competitive nature of youth sports programs are the result of untrained coaches who develop a “win at all cost” attitude for young players:

(Engh) “And what we have in these programs are literally millions of people across the country from Vermont to you name it that volunteer their time to organize leagues, to coach in the leagues, to be parents that get involved in whatever way. Most of these people are wonderful, caring people but far too many shouldn’t be there and we simply allow the people to be there. We don’t care they’re out there because they’re volunteering their time and that’s the beginning of the problem.”

(Host) Engh is encouraging community youth sports administrators to implement rules that will encourage fun and participation in their programs instead of developing regulations that foster intense competition.

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