Advocacy groups wants to keep older workers engaged

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A national advocacy group says New Hampshire can’t afford to let its older workers retire to their easy chairs.

The group, called Experience Wave, wants New Hampshire legislative leaders to think about the state’s aging work force and what can be done to help baby boomers continue to participate in the economy as they approach and pass retirement age.

The group presented a new report from Boston College that showed that one in four workers in New Hampshire, as in the country as a whole, are older than 55 years old.

State Representative Mary Stuart Gile says the work force is the backbone of the New Hampshire economy and the state needs to create opportunities for older workers to stay actively involved with businesses, non-profits and communities.

The national campaign is pushing for several policy changes, including a program that would help finance continuing education for older workers and another program to use older people as a resource to address social issues such as child and adult literacy.

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