Administration elevates importance of ‘e-government’

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(Host) Vermont may get a new department in state government that will concentrate on ways to improve the state’s information technology capabilities. The new administration hopes Vermonters will have online access to as many government services as possible.

Currently, IT programs are spread out in various departments. Incoming governor Jim Douglas wants to bring them under one central location so that the state can develop new ways to help citizens and businesses interact electronically with state government.

(Douglas) “Clearly it’s going to play a more important role and has to. You’ve seen the surveys that show that Vermont is near the bottom of the nation in terms of e-government. Commissioner Rutledge has just initiated some online renewals in Motor Vehicles, which I think constitute a very, very positive step forward for electronic government. But we’ve got a long way to go. And so I want to elevate that responsibility to make it more important and provide more services online.”

(Host) Buildings Commissioner Tom Torti is expected to coordinate the new “e-government” program.

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