Adelphia says legal settlement will help expand service

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(Host) A federal bankruptcy court in New York has opened the way for Adelphia Communications to keep an old promise in Vermont. That promise was that Adelphia would expand its cable TV coverage area by more than 1,200 miles, and expand its high-speed connections.

The Court action was approval of a settlement agreement reached between Adelphia and the state of Vermont. Adelphia’s corporate counsel is Lisa Birmingham, who says the company is pleased with the decision.

(Birmingham) “The federal bankruptcy approved our request to authorize us to implement the stipulation and settlement agreement with the Vermont Department of Public Service. Its approval [Wednesday] means that we are closer to fulfilling our commitment to the state of the Vermont, our employees and most importantly our customers. The stipulation is intended to bring broadband and cable service to as many customers as possible. So it was a necessary element to help us move forward.”

(Host) Birmingham also says the expansion will bring cable coverage to 65 new towns in Vermont.

The settlement still has to be approved by the Vermont Public Service Board, before Adelphia begins spending the $40 million it will take to complete the promised service up-grade in Vermont.

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