A First: Some Douglas Records To Be Stored Electronically

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When Governor Douglas leaves office on Thursday, he’ll be the first Vermont Governor to have some records stored electronically.

Gregory Sanford is Vermont State Archivist.

Sanford says that his department was not able to begin work on electronic records management until July of 2008.

This means that much of the digital information from the administration will reflect an already existing paper record.

(Sanford)  "But this will be the first time, this is an important step, where we’re really beginning to get more of that digital information as opposed to just getting printouts." 

(Host) Sanford says that one great advantage of digital records is their accessibility.

(Sanford) "I think it’s an infinitely exciting opportunity, because for the first time now, you’ll begin to look at information across bureaucratic boundaries, be able to mix and match information that can unfetter your imagination whether you’re trying to start a business in Vermont, or develop a policy."

(Host) Sanford says his office wants to work closely with the incoming Shumlin administration to offer as complete a digital record as possible. 

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