280 Vermonters In Red Cross Shelters

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(Host) The Red Cross has opened 11 shelters across the state: Barre, Bennington Brattleboro, Bristol, Enosburg, Hartford, Middlebury, Rutland, St Albans, St. Johnsbury, and Springfield.

Doug Bishop is a spokesman for the Red Cross:

(BISHOP) "The gist of what we’re trying to provide here is, Basic shelter and food, make sure a warm dry place to be when people have a warm place to be when they are put out of their homes and make sure they have food. I know there are instances of other needs that have arisen. Speaking with our staff in Brattleboro, they made arrangements for oxygen tanks and oxygen machines were brought in to help some people who were evacuated from senior living. They connected hearing impaired with TTY services to make sure they could communicate. So all sorts of things that crop up, but the basics we’re trying to provide at this initial stage are shelters and food."

(Host) Bishop says as of midnight, about 280 people were staying in shelters across the state.


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