20 towns vote on universal health care

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(Host) Twenty towns across the state took up a non-binding resolution that calls for the state to support universal health care. One of those towns was Westford, where the resolution passed after some discussion.

One resident said her support for the resolution was tied to her concern for the ability of small businesses to prosper:

“I think it’s better to have a thousand small businesses like ours, than to have one monolithic business in Vermont. Because if we go out of business no notices; if IBM goes out of business, we all know what that means. It’s one thing to open a small business and risk money, it’s another to take your life in your hands because you have no health insurance.”

(Host) Another Westford voter expressed his skepticism of the resolution:

“I think agree with the fact that the system is broken and that it needs to be fixed. I’m just not sure that a government-run system is the best way to fix it.”

(Host) Last year, 16 towns in Windham County passed a similar resolution.

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