Lange: The Black Fly Cometh

We always look forward to spring and its rebirth, but Willem Lange reminds us that one of nature’s most irritating and pestilential creatures is also reborn each May.  ‘Tis the season… of the black fly!

Lange: Surveillance Creep

If you sometimes get the creepy feeling that somebody’s looking over your shoulder, Willem Lange thinks you may not be suffering from paranoia.  Nowadays, somebody probably is.  Modern surveillance technology is becoming ubiquitous.

Lange: Presidential Beer Buddies

Presidential campaigns make great efforts to convince us that their candidates are common folk, just like us. Commentator Willem Lange is a retired remodeling contractor, writer and storyteller who thinks that Presidents – like neurosurgeons, for example – ought to be just a cut above that.

Lange: Recognizing Fallacies

All of us, unwittingly or on purpose, resort to fallacies from time to time. During this year’s chase for the presidency, commentator Willem Lange believes it’s especially important that we learn to separate them from the truth.

Lange: Keeping Warm

A lot of folks who huddle inside by the stove as much as possible during the winter wonder how all those others working outdoors can stand it. Commentator Willem Lange knows their secret.