Commentator Traci Griffith agrees that it’s important to reflect on the dreams of Martin Luther King Junior – but she says it’s also good to remember – and honor – your own.

Canadian News Media

U.S. politics and culture have a strong influence on Canadian life. We discuss how that’s reflected in the news that’s broadcast and published for Canadian audiences. Guests are Phil Authier, reporter for the Montreal Gazette, Paul Martin, UVM professor of Canadian Studies, and David Gutnick, writer/producer at CBC-Montreal. Hosted by Traci Griffith.

Advertising and Media Literacy

Commercial messages are a constant presence—from TV ads to more subtle forms of mass communication. We’ll look at the messages we get with a marketing expert and an advocate for media education. Hosted by Traci Griffith.

The Future of News

As traditional news organizations change with new technology, bloggers and citizen journalists are playing a bigger role in reporting and distributing information. Guests are Bill Felling, the national editor for CBS News, and Dan Gillmor, a prominent blogger and author of We The Media. Hosted by Traci Griffith, Saint Michael’s College journalism professor.