Slayton: The CCC In Vermont

About half of Vermont’s state parks were established in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, a New Deal program established by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It’s an era of history not widely remembered, but Tom Slayton has found plenty of evidence of it in his travels to the state parks this summer.

Slayton: Rockwell Kent

The artwork that the great American artist Rockwell Kent made while living in Vermont is on display through October 30 at the Bennington Museum. Tom Slayton visited the show recently and was excited by what he discovered.

Slayton: Little River State Park

Most people who visit Little River State Park come for boating or swimming at the Waterbury Reservoir. But there’s also a lot of Vermont history in the hills above the lake. Tom Slayton went there recently – with two families and a park interpreter.

Slayton: Ascutney State Park

Some of the Vermont State Parks that Tom Slayton is visiting this summer are more challenging than others. Ascutney State Park meant a stiff mountain climb – through a couple of centuries of Vermont history.