Police Launch Drug Sweep In Bennington County

46 suspected drug dealers are in police custody after what officials are calling one of the largest arrest sweeps in Vermont history. More than 100 law enforcement officers conducted simultaneous raids in locations in and around Bennington.

Rapid Read: Book Reviews For Students In 60 Seconds

For college students who are swamped with heavy reading during the academic year, semester breaks offer the promise of time to read for fun. For suggestions on what to read, Marlboro College has a tradition. At the end of each term a panel of students, faculty and staff describe their favorite books in a minute or less each.

Wilmington Business Plans Floating Foundation

Almost every business in Wilmington was damaged in Tropical Storm Irene. But no loss was greater than Ann Coleman’s. Her entire art gallery was lifted up by the floodwaters and swept away. Now Coleman hopes to replace her loss with a building that will float — but stay put — in the next flood.