Holiday Greetings

About forty years ago, commentator Stephanie Montgomery spent an afternoon picking blueberries at a farm in Maine. By evening, she had two new, lifelong friends in Helen and Scott Nearing. And fifteen later, she received a most unusual Christmas card.


Commentator Stephanie Montgomery has been following the debate over truth and falsehood playing out in the media over James Frey’s memoir of his life as a criminal and drug addict. She believes even one intentional misrepresentation damages the relationship between leaders and those who write memoir.


Commentator Stephanie Montgomery remembers when October thirty first was the holiday of homemade entertainments and make-do creativity. And in those days children were heroes because witches were – oh, so real.


As a child, commentator Stephanie Montgomery grew up listening in on the party line when her mom wasn’t looking. She still misses getting the news firsthand. Here she regrets another loss to communities as country life yields up ever more of its inefficient but colorful ways.

Behind the razor wire

Commentator Stephanie Montgomery recently had the opportunity to conduct a memoir writing workshop at Windsor Prison. She is still thinking about the different challenges both she and the inmates encountered.

D-Day Anniversary

On June 6th, 1944 allied forces stormed the beachheads of Normandy. Germany surrendered 11 months later, but the end of the war began with the Allied Invasion of France. Commentator Stephanie Montgomery offers her thoughts for the 61st anniversary of D-Day.