Food safety

As we look forward to the long holiday weekend, commentator Rachel Johnson suggests some simple ways to avoid a cook’s nightmare during our Labor Day celebrations.

Small steps

Making healthy changes in our daily routine doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Commentator Rachel Johnson has four small steps we can take every day to help stay healthy.

At the plate

Commentator Rachel Johnson has been thinking a lot lately about what she calls “His & Hers Eating” – when men and women share a table and a fridge.

Freshman 15

Many of us will welcome home college students this week for the Thanksgiving holiday. Some of them will undoubtedly weigh more than when they left a few months ago as they’ve piled on the dreaded Freshman 15 – the weight-gain many college students experience in their first semester. But commentator Rachel Johnson says that our kids’ experiences can teach us a thing or two as well.


Getting together with family and friends for Memorial Day almost certainly means having lots of good food around. Commentator Rachel Johnson has some practical tips for healthy eating while you celebrate.