Plan For Whiskey Business In Shoreham Draws Scrutiny

When an old dairy farm in Shoreham became the hub for a trendy new whiskey company several years ago, many were excited by the idea of new jobs and economic development. But two things may get in the company’s way: mold and the state’s definition of a farm.

Back Country Skiers Form Rescue Group

Ski resorts have been trying to increase awareness of the dangers of skiing out of bounds but have had little success. Meanwhile, a group of local back-country ski enthusiasts recently formed Killington Search and Rescue to help.

GMP Begins Work On Rutland Innovation Center

Officials from Green Mountain Power provided a first glimpse inside their new $2.5 million  energy innovation center in downtown Rutland Thursday. It’s an investment that city officials say is having a positive ripple effect on the entire downtown.

In Rutland, Mayor Louras Faces Challenge From Allaire

Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras faces stiff opposition from well-known challenger for the city’s top job. While the campaign has been relatively quiet, public safety and the city’s drug problem have emerged as a top issues in a race that will be decided on Town Meeting Day.

New Rutland Art Gallery A Colorful Contrast To Winter

February can be a pretty drab month – color wise. But a new art exhibit at the Chaffee is all about color. while the stately Chaffee mansion is closed for weatherization and electrical renovations, art lovers can visit the Chaffe’s new downtown gallery on Merchants Row.

Lawsuit Alleges Corruption, Cover-Ups In Rutland City Police Force

The highest-ranking members of the Rutland City Police Department are the focus of a lawsuit alleging a longstanding culture of corruption, misconduct and cover-ups. The suit was filed by a former police officer and targets Police Chief Jim Baker and other officers as well as former state public safety commissioner Thomas Tremblay.