Redmond: Papal Impacts

For Marybeth Redmond, the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI has restimulated feelings of heartache, not for the Pontiff himself, but for a friend of hers who met the wrath of this church hierarchy.

Redmond: Treating Addiction

Last week the Shumlin administration announced a plan to create five opiate treatment centers throughout the state. Writer, journalist and commentator Marybeth Redmond is hopeful that the long-term impact of an addictions treatment system for Vermont will be fewer offenders returning to prison.

Redmond: Holiday Retreat

The busy holiday season seems like an unlikely time to step away from one’s active life and go on a silent retreat. But, that’s exactly what writer, journalist and commentator Marybeth Redmond did earlier this month at an ecologically-minded monastery in Greensboro.

Redmond: Sacred Words

For Vermont’s incarcerated women, stress levels typically rise at holiday time. The season activates painful memories and reminds them of bridges burned with family and friends. But, journalist and commentator Marybeth Redmond explains how writing has become an important outlet of self-expression for some of them.