Doane: Leaving Vermont

Commentator Larry Doane has accepted a new job that will take him away from Vermont, so he’s been thinking a lot lately about the things he’ll miss and the things that he’ll take with him, like his appreciation of Vermont values – especially post-Irene.

Doane: After 9/11

As the tenth anniversary of the terror attacks of 9/11 approaches, commentator Larry Doane has been thinking about human nature – and the nature of change.

Doane: Living With Risk

Commentator Larry Doane is a US Army veteran with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The recent shooting down of a U.S. helicopter in Afghanistan has reminded him of the risk that is part of life in the military.

Doane: Coming Home

Nearly 1500 Soldiers of the Vermont National Guard returned home from Afghanistan at the beginning of this year.  Commentator and military veteran Larry Doane has been thinking about his own homecoming and the questions it brings.

The Enemy

In the final entry of his audio journal from a soldier’s perspective, Vermont National Guard Capt. Larry Doane describes looking his enemy in the eye.

Marriage Celebration

Captain Larry Doane, a VPR commentator, looks at the Guard deployment from a soldier’s perspective. In today’s entry, he describes joining a celebration for an Afghan marriage.

On Patrol

Commentator Larry Doane, a captain in the Vermont National Guard who is on deployment in Afghanistan, describes his soldiers’ daily patrols.

Doane: Advancing in Afghanistan

The commander of American forces in Afghanistan recently delivered his assessment of the current situation to the Obama administration.  As the President considers this report and a shift in strategy, commentator Larry Doane is thinking about what the best way forward might be.