Burlington College hosts Home Movie Day

Old home movies are increasingly valuable to historians and film experts.Despite their choppy black and white images, they’re a rich source of family memories. On Saturday at Burlington College, some people will be trying to change that as part of the worldwide “Home Movie Day.”

Community copes with teen’s suicide

Earlier this summer, a notice on the obituary page in the newspaper reported the death of Kyle Stone. The account was one of a vibrant and interesting teenager and it stood out for its openness. At 16, he had taken his own life. As they cope with this tragedy, the Stone family talked to Vermont Public Radio to help others understand teenage suicide. (Story includes related links and resources.)

Volunteering at the Christmas Shop

Many Vermonters find ways to help others, especially at this time of year. One volunteer is Marguerite Holden, who’s a native of Middlebury. She’s worked in the Christmas Shop at the Addison County Community Action Group for many years.

Face of homelessness

State officials say that more than 9,000 Vermonters have no place to call home. Some stay in shelters or with friends. Others live in cars, and even in tents. Homelessness in Vermont wears many faces and has many causes.

Sounds of Vermont: Route 7

For 135.3 miles – from Pownal to Highgate – U.S. Route 7 slices up the western side of Vermont. It’s Vermont’s hard-working north-south highway, carrying commuters, truckers, farmers and tourists.