Yankee tax

The proposal to tax Vermont Yankee on windfall profits has stirred up lots of comment from supporters and critics alike. Among the latter is commentator John McClaughry.

Off the rails

As the legislature considers how to fund education in Vermont, as well as the many other fiscal needs of our state, commentator John McClaughry is hoping that they are paying attention to a recent report on our economic future.

Catamount Health

Thanks to the recent creation of Catamount Health, you might think that the affordable health care debate in Vermont is over – and commentator John McClaughry agrees that it is – but he doesn’t think it’s over for long.

Vermont agriculture future

Despite the recent extension of federal dairy subsidies, commentator John McClaughry says that with a new five year farm bill coming before Congress in the New Year, it’s a good time to reassess how federal farm policies affect our state.

Kelo case

Commentator John McClaughry thinks that new state laws may be needed after the recent Supreme Court ruling on the concept of eminent domain.