Deep Economy

Commentator Frank Bryan has been reading Bill McKibben’s new book – and that, in turn, has reminded him of the traditional Vermont values of Heart and Hearth.


Vermont has long been known for electing moderate voices to the U.S. Senate – a practice that commentator Frank Bryan fears is now over.

Iraq and Bush

Many Americans are weighing President Bush’s credibility when he says that success in Iraq is critical to winning the War on Terror. This morning, we heard from Madeleine Kunin. This afternoon, we hear another perspective from commentator Frank Bryan.

Reunion and community

Summertime is reunion time. Family reunions are center-stage right now, and class reunions have been filling up the calendar for weeks. Commentator Frank Bryan has been considering why reunions are compelling for so many of us, and he thinks he’s found the answer.

Women and town meeting

The New England town meeting is said to be one of the purest forms of participatory democracy, and recently, commentator Frank Bryan found further evidence to support this claim.

Mother Superior

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it’s a good time to honor all of those who enrich our lives with motherly care and wisdom. Commentator Frank Bryan remembers one such woman.