At-Risk Youth

Adolescence is tough for every teenager, but some youth have especially difficult challenges — from truancy and substance abuse, to abandonment and homelessness. We talk with Mark Redmond of Spectrum Youth and Family Services and Andrea Torello of the Mobius mentoring program about how adults can make a positive connection with troubled teens. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.

Influential People in Vermont History

We discuss the personalities that loom large in Vermont history, including some people who may no longer be household names. Our guests are Michael Sherman, co-author of "Freedom and Unity"; Kevin Graffagnino, director of the Vermont Historical Society. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.

Winter Health

Flu season is upon us and nasty colds are making the rounds. We talk about special measures you can take this winter to stay healthy, eat well and feel good. Guests are physician Ben Littenberg and nutritionist Jean Harvey-Berino. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.

Poetry Slams

How self-expression, audience participation and some harsh judges make a poetry slam a unique literary experience. Our guest is Geof Hewitt, a Vermont slam champion and writing advocate. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.


Homeschooling is a choice some families make for a variety of reasons, and it raises a host of academic and social questions. We talk with experts from Vermont’s homeschool community about what it takes to teach your children at home. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.


Mythological stories have existed throughout human history, from the Greek god Zeus to the Indian monkey god, Hanuman. We discuss epic stories and myths with Ken Davis, author of the new book Don’t Know Much About Mythology. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.

Historic Preservation

We look at how towns undertake historic preservation projects, and why they matter to the Vermont landscape. Guests are Paul Bruhn of the Preservation Trust of Vermont and Doug Porter of the UVM Historic Preservation Program. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.

Vermont’s Refugee Communities

Refugees from more than a dozen countries have arrived in Vermont over the last 25 years. We look at Vermont’s refugee communities and how they’ve adapted to life here. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.

Annual Gardening Show

Garden expert Charlie Nardozzi answers questions about growing vegetables, keeping pests away and getting the most from your garden for the rest of the growing season. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.

Home Repairs

Home repairs can be an expensive and frustrating proposition. Home repair experts Henri de Marne and Kitty Werner join host, Fran Stoddard to offer advice on completing your home projects.