Travel Tales: Travel as turning point

This week VPR commentators are telling some of their favorite travel tales. As an American teen living in Moscow, commentator Caleb Daniloff traveled into the Russian countryside on summer weekends to camp with his friends. Today, Caleb recalls what he left – and found – there.

The lawn

With the long rains of May, many residents had trouble tending their lawns. But when commentator Caleb Daniloff finally managed to get his mower out between showers, he found more than just long grass.


If you like to avoid summer crowds, spring is a good time to take a vacation. And, for commentator Caleb Daniloff, going on vacation is all about redefining your relationship with time.

Domestic spy

They say great minds think alike but at commentator Caleb Daniloff’s house, the similarities have gone too far, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it.