Mares: The Righteous Mind

The current political climate of widespread moralizing about one’s own positions – and the demonizing of one’s opponents – sent Bill Mares to a new book for some explanations.

Mares: Two Armstrongs

The recent death of Neil Armstrong and the potential professional death of Lance Armstrong for alleged drug use has gotten Bill Mares thinking about hero worship in America.

Mares: Corruption

The latest report of political contributions for Vermont statewide campaigns has got Bill Mares thinking about a book he recently read on national politics and money

Mares: Giving Blood

Writer Red Smith once said it’s easy to write. You just sit down at the typewriter, open a vein and bleed. So recently, Bill Mares sat down and opened a vein for charity.

Mares: J Street

Bill Mares is always on the lookout for the ever-elusive middle ground solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Last week at a Burlington synagogue, he heard one plausible attempt.

Mares: The Swerve

Commentator Bill Mares’ early summer reading list includes a Kindle edition of a standard book… about a manuscript copied in vellum… from the original written on a papyrus scroll.

Mares: The Intervention Debate

Pressure is mounting for collective military intervention in Syria and Iran. But Bill Mares thinks that Americans must first determine whether or not this kind of action would be truly in our national interest.

Mares: Recycled Water

For much of our history Americans have treated water as an almost unlimited commodity, equally suitable for washing, watering the garden and drinking. But Bill Mares thinks that attitude is changing.