Wolves In The Northeast

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In pre-colonial times, wolves roamed the Northeast. But by
1900, over-hunting, poisoning, and loss of food and habitat drove wolves out of
the region. We look at the history of wolves in Vermont
and surrounding states, and find out if and how wolves could return to the area
– and what might happen if they do. Our guests include Michael Amaral of the
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Kim Royar of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. Listen

Also, we talk with Vermont’s
Department of Corrections Commissioner Andy Pallito. Vermont
sends 600 inmates to privately run prisons out of state, most to a facility in Kentucky.
But just last week the state of Kentucky
announced that it would remove all of its inmates from that prison, primarily
because of budget concerns. We find out what Vermont’s
plans are, and whether or not some of the recent safety issues could influence
that decision. Listen

And, we visit an equine massage therapist from Lincoln. Listen

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