What To Do With Number Two

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You probably don’t spend a
lot of time thinking about what happens
you flush the toilet. But when something goes wrong with your septic
system, suddenly you’re knee deep in it.

Vermont changed its wastewater permitting laws 5 years ago.
We’ll check in on how that change has been received, and learn about septic
systems, wastewater treatment, and some innovative methods of dealing with that
stuff everyone has, and nobody wants.

We’ll talk to Dave Whitney, adjunct professor at the University of Vermont and owner of Ecosolutions, and David Mears, Commissioner of the Department of Conservation.

What’s your worst septic disaster? Post your questions or
comments about wastewater treatment here or email them to vermontedition@vpr.net.

Also on the program, two exhibits opened at the Bennington Museum this month highlight artists with disabilities. We’ll talk to Bennington Museum curator Jamie


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