What Homeownership Means In 2012

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In the State Treasurer’s race, challenger Wendy Wilton suggested
that incumbent Beth Pearce lacks a commitment to Vermont because she
doesn’t own a home here. So we explore the decision of owning or
renting, beyond the sticker price.

Marketplace Money Host Tess
Vigeland and Vermont Property Owners Report Publisher Phil Dodd discuss
the cultural debate over homeownership and whether it still represents
the American Dream.

Also on the program, next Friday in
Winooski, teams of computer hackers will compete to create interesting
programs about the state of Vermont. And they’ll only have 24 hours to
do it. We speak with last year’s winner John Pile about what he created.

it’s “The Year of the Book” at Newbury Elementary School. The school is
one of three in Vermont and three in New Hampshire that are getting
free books and other pro-literacy programs, from the Children’s Literacy
. VPR’s Charlotte Albright looks at the program gives each
child 10 brand new books over the course of a year. 

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