What Follows A Sexual Assault

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Each year, 200 to 300 sexual assaults are reported in Vermont.
But it is believed that only between 10 percent and 30 percent of these types
of attacks actually get reported.

But what happens in the aftermath of a sexual assault? Hope
Executive Director Cathleen Wilson and Joan Carson, Clinical Coordinator
of the Vermont SANE (Sexual Assault
Nurse Examiner) Program discuss the medical, legal and counseling steps that a
victim goes through after an attack. And they look at reasons why many people
fail to report sexual assaults.

Also on the program, VPR’s Steve Zind updates us on how
Irene Recovery funds have been distributed and what’s holding up those that

And we hear about Vermont
writer Becky Munsterer who is writing the Great American Novel in one-page
serialized chapters.

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