Vermont’s Sex Offender Laws

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In the wake of Brooke Bennett’s death, we take a closer look
at Vermont’s sex offender
laws. The body of the 12-year-old Braintree
girl was found last week, and federal prosecutors have charged her uncle with
kidnapping. Now, some lawmakers are
calling for an investigation into the state’s sex offender laws, and for the passage
of "Jessica’s Law", which requires a 25-year minimum sentence for sex
offenders. Attorney General Bill Sorrell
explains Vermont’s current sex
offender laws, how they’ve changed, and why Vermont
has a national reputation as being lenient on offenders. (Listen)

Also, this Friday Montpelier will host the state’s largest
gathering of biologists and naturalists.
Their goal: to identify as many
species within city limits, and all within 24 hours. It’s called BioBlitz, and we take a walk
through the city with one of the event’s organizers, Chip Darmstadt. (Listen)

And, also in Montpelier
this weekend, 350 people will have a chance to see the state’s first screening
of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Senator Patrick Leahy will be on hand to
introduce it. He’s a longtime Batman
fan, and also has a cameo in the new film.
VPR’s own Tim Johnson imagines a scenario in which he could fight crime
throughout Vermont with the
Senator. (Listen)

Photo: Chip Darmstadt, Executive Director of the North Branch Nature Centern on the banks of the North Branch River.

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