Vermont Grains

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Vermont once
had the distinction of being the region’s "bread basket," but that changed as
Midwestern farms grew.  But now a handful
of Vermont farmers are again
planting grains like wheat, oats, and barley. 
We learn more about why these farmers are trying to bring back Vermont
grown grains, what challenges they face, and how these crops add to the state’s
agricultural diversity. 
Our guests include Heather Darby, a crops
specialist with UVM Extension, and grain farmers Jack Lazor, who runs
Butterworks Farm, and Ben Gleason, who runs Gleason’s Grains. Listen

Also, we talk with Burlington Free Press reporter Candace
Page about bird migration studies underway in the state.  Vermont
biologists are attaching small geolocator backpacks on 15 Bicknell’s Thrushes
as they prepare for their winter migration to the Caribbean. Listen

From a covered bridge museum, to a counterfeit
Norman Rockwell painting, to a horse drawn garbage service in Bristol, the new book, Vermont
, sets out to find the interesting people, places, and historic
tidbits within Vermont.  Author Bob
Wilson shares a few of his favorite "curiosities."

Photo credit:  AP Photo/Thomas Kienzle


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