The Vermont State Hospital

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For the second time in a year, the federal government
has denied certification to the Vermont
State Hospital.  We look into the continuing issues of patient
care and building upkeep at the state-run mental health facility.  The continued failure to meet federal
guidelines is costing the state close to$10 million a year in lost federal
revenue. We check in on the state’s reaction, and on plans for alternatives to
the Waterbury hospital.  Our guests include Vermont’s
Mental Health Commissioner, Michael Hartman, and Republican State
Representative and longtime mental health advocate, Anne Donahue. (Listen)

Also, catalytic converters were introduced in the 1970s to
reduce smog from car exhaust.  But now
two Dartmouth College
researchers say that advancement may have had an unintended consequence:  a rise in Osmium, a rare element.  Professor Mukul Sharma, and his student
Cynthia Chen, have been studying the presence of Osmium in the Connecticut
River Valley. (Listen)

Over the past month, they’ve been opening all around the
state – creemee stands, food wagons and other seasonal eateries.  And, in Burlington’s
Battery Park, the school bus has returned. It’s Beansie’s Bus; a spring and
summer fixture in Burlington since
1944. (Listen)




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