The smart grid revolution

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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act includes 11 billion dollars for the implementation of "smart grid" technology. This much-heralded transformation of our electrical distribution system is expected to increase efficiency, integrate power from renewable and small-scale sources, and make us smarter consumers of electric power. But what is smart grid technology, exactly?

Our guests include Kerrick Johnson, Vice President for External Affairs at VELCO, the company that runs Vermont’s transmission system. He’ll describe a statewide plan to use the economic stimulus to kick-start Vermont’s smart grid infrastructure. And we’ll talk with Vermont Electric Coop CEO David Hallquist about his utility’s recent installation of smart metering for 75% of its customers. (Listen)

Also in the program, music from the vocal ensemble Counterpoint. VPR
Classical host Walter Parker joins us to preview a weekend of concerts
by the choral group whose songs are inspired by the era of Abraham Lincoln.

And we’ll visit a romantic hot spot: a vernal pool. (Listen)


PHOTO: New "smart meters" installed by Vermont Electric Coop will eventually allow consumers to decide when to run appliances based on hourly shifts in the cost of power. (Courtesy Vermont Electric Coop)

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