The Photographs of Norman Rockwell

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We know Norman Rockwell the painter, but behind the iconic work lies Rockwell the photographer.  Rockwell painted not from his imagination but from photos he conceived and carefully orchestrated.  He created 18,000 of them over his long career.  They’re housed at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and they give us a fascinating ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into Rockwell’s creative process.   Ron Schick’s newly published book "Norman Rockwell:  Behind the Camera" provides us, for the first time, with an in-depth examination of the photos and how they were made.  We’ll talk with Schick about the artist who spent some of his most productive years in Vermont.   Send your comments about Norman Rockwell’s work to 


We’ll also talk with Reeva Murphy, Deputy Commissioner of the Department for Children and Families about the state’s efforts to remove obstacles to quality, affordable childcare in Vermont.

And VPR’s Nina Keck takes us to a Quidditch tournament. 



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