Taser Incident Reignites Debate

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The death of Macadam Mason after a Vermont State Police officer stunned him with a Taser is being reviewed by a medical examiner and will be investigated by the Attorney General’s office. And while the precise cause of Mason’s death is yet unknown, the circumstances has stirred debate again about the use of Tasers by Vermont law enforcement. We get an update on the Mason story from Valley News local editor John Gregg, and we hear comments on the incident from Vermont State Police Captain Rob Evans. Then Allen Gilbert of ACLU-Vermont and former Public Safety Commissioner Tom Tremblay discuss whether and how Vermont police should deploy Tasers.

VPR News: Thetford Man Dies In Hospital After Taser Used On Him


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Also on the program, African rhythms and Vermont stories mix in the hip hop music of three refugee men making their first CD. We talk with singer-musician Said Bulle of the group A2VT and producer David Cooper about the songs and stories behind the group’s forthcoming debut album, "Africa, Vermont."

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