Supreme Court Justice Beth Robinson

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Beth Robinson struck a modest and humorous tone when she was sworn in as associate justice of the Vermont Supreme Court at the end of November. A career lawyer, this is the first time she will be working as a judge. Robinson was a key member of the legal team that argued for same-sex marriage in Vermont, a case that led to the enactment of civil unions in 2000. Now, she’s take her seat on the bench of the Court that she argued in front of twelve years ago. We talk with Robinson about her law career, her approach to being a justice and her role in the landmark legal case that led to civil unions.

Also in the program, an early entry into the race for Vermont governor: Republican Randy Brock. He declared his candidacy last week with the endorsement of former Governor Jim Douglas, but says with the announcement out of the way, he’ll wait till the legislative session is over before beginning his campaign in earnest.


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