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Mark Twain famously said, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned
lies, and statistics."  We tackle the third kind:
statistics.  Vermont often comes out extreme in national rankings based
on per capita numbers.  We have the most breweries, colleges,
cheese-makers and libraries.  But we also have the highest Iraq
casualties, the lowest birthrate, and the highest teen marijuana use.
All of these statistics tell us we’re pretty unusual, for better or for
worse, but what do they really MEAN? 
St. Michael’s College Sociology Professor Vince Bolduc helps us understand all of these
baffling numbers.  

Also, we’ll talk with Alan Jordan, Executive Director of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra about the VSO’s history and its upcoming 75th anniversary season. 

And, an audio postcard from Bradford where the first globes made in American were manufactured by dairy farmer James Wilson.  The Bradford Historical Society will host a pot luck supper
and program about Wilson Globes on Wednesday, October 21st, followed by a viewing of its newly
renovated globe at the United Church of Christ in Bradford.



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