Spring Bird Show!

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As the days warm, we wake to sunny mornings filled with the
early chorus of birds who have begun to re-emerge after a long, cold
winter.  Some of the birds who have made their way back to Vermont are Red-Winged Blackbirds, Wood Thrushes and Pine Warblers.  We talk with
self-proclaimed "bird diva" Bridget Butler about what other birds we can soon
expect to see.

We also go over some birding basics, like how to give a bird a quick look before dashing in the house for the field guide.  And we talk about how social networking is helping both veteran and newbie birders share their sightings.

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And, we profile retiring Dartmouth
professor Charles Dodge.  Dodge is a groundbreaking composer whose early
work with computers influenced the development of electronic music and
anticipated some of the technical innovations of the rock era.




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