Senate President John Campbell

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In the next few weeks,
lawmakers will consider a number of critical issues, including how to raise new
tax revenue, local control over energy projects, an end of life bill and the
decriminalization of marijuana.

Senate President John
Campbell talks about these and other issues.

Also on the program, so, you
think politics today are full of ugly partisan fighting? We’ve got nothing on
the politicians of the late 1700s. History writer Mark Bushnell looks at the epic
battle between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans over the future
of the country and the role of Vermont congressman Matthew Lyon played in it.

Plus, since the start of this year’s ski season 52 people have called 9-1-1
after getting lost at Killington. VPR’s Nina Keck caught up with a group of
back-country ski enthusiasts that recently formed Killington Search and Rescue
during a recent training exercise.

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