Sanders Reaffirms Political Priorities

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In the wake of last week’s
elections, which shifted the balance of power in Washington, the question now is whether Republicans and
Democrats will be able to find a way to work together on key issues like the
economy, extension of the Bush-era tax cuts, and health care. We talk to Vermont’s Independent Senator Bernie Sanders about his
priorities, the election results, and how they might affect what he wants to
accomplish in the Senate over the next two years.


And we talk to Anne Galloway, editor of the website, about a May incident in
which Hartford police pulled an African-American man from his own home believing
he was a burglar, and her effort to get all the facts about the case. Galloway requested records about the incident in July, and the town refused to release them, citing public records law which they said allows police to keep records of their work secret. This week, a superior court ruled that Hartford police must release most of those records.

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