Running a Family Business

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From a "mom and pop" general store to a family run construction
company or resort, family businesses comprise close to 90% of all business
enterprises in North America.  We look into the long and independent
tradition of family business in Vermont.  And, we also look into their many challenges–
such as navigating through family dynamics while on the job,
and preparing for one generation to pass the work on to the next. 

Our guests include Dann Van Der Vliet, who
runs the Vermont Business Initiative at UVM, and we also hear from Carl
Beauregard, who runs Beauregard Equipment with his brothers, and Cabot Orton,
who is part of a third generation to run the Vermont Country Store. Listen

Middlebury Town Hall Theater’s production of David Mamet’s
play, Speed-The-Plow features two longtime Vermont
actors, Steve Small and Harry McEnery. 
We learn about their work on stage, as well as their work off stage, as
mentors to young actors. 

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