Removing Barriers In Public Places

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The U.S. Attorney’s office in Vermont has stepped up an effort to
bring public places like restaurants and movie theaters into compliance
with the Americans With Disabilities Act. The result is changes and
upgrades at several businesses in the Burlington area, and a spotlight
on accessibility issues across the state. We learn what responsibilities
property owners and business owners have to remove accessibility
barriers in public places. Our guests are Robert Appel of the Vermont
Human Rights Commission and Sarah Launderville of the Vermont Center for
Independent Living.

in the program, we check in with Vermonters attending the Republican
National Convention. Jack Lindley, Vermont state chairman of the
Republican Party, joins us from Tampa, Florida, for a look behind the

And, the cadets have returned to Norwich University in
Northfield. VPR’s Steve Zind reports on the annual tradition of rooks
getting their uniforms and their first military haircuts.

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