Recognizing Vermont’s Abenaki

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Governor Peter Shumlin signed legislation making the
Missisquoi and Koasek Abenaki bands state-recognized tribes. Now, four of
the states Abenaki tribes have received recognition. The Nulhegan and Elnu
tribes were recognized last year.

Luke Willard of the Nulhegan Tribe and the Vermont Commission
on Native American Affairs
and Abenaki scholar Fred Wiseman of Johnson State College discuss what this recognition means to the tribes and what impact it might have on  federal
recognition. He also talks about other issues facing the Abenaki and his efforts for preserving tribal forests.

Also on the program, we listen back to a visit with Dartmouth College Special Collections Librarian Jay Satterfield after the school received an archive from noted author and illustrator Maurice Sendak.

And former journalist Chris Graff provides a preview of the
Vermont Public Television series, "The Governors." Upcoming episodes of the
program highlight the terms of Howard Dean and Jim Douglas.

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